Childrens Birthday Parties


During the months of late March to October we can hold children’s birthday parties, usually on a Saturday. These have proved highly successful,  and the children love to meet all the animals, including, pigs, goats and chickens, not forgetting Sarah’s sheepy.  We provide the party tea, but you have to provide the cake.  There will be party
games too and a ride on a pony, sometimes the children get the chance to groom and fuss the ponies if they want’s all up to the birthday boy or girl.  At the end of the party the candles are lite on the cake and everyone sings Happy Birthday and in Welsh too if you so wish, finally there will be a party bag. 


The parties cost £10 per head, but there is a minimum of £100 so if you only have six children coming you would still have to pay for 10 and then £10 per additional head.



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