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Adopting one of our horses or ponies, or indeed George the donkey, is a great way of helping us raise much needed funds for their up keep.  It lets you keep in touch with their progress and you have the opportunity to visit them in person.  We have  Lenny, George the Donkey Ffion Haf, Sally or Robin available for adoption. 



We have two schemes available for adopting a horse, pony or donkey.


Scheme A


Is better for persons living within easy visiting time of the H.A.C.K. sanctuary.  This adoption scheme entitles you to
come to the centre and groom and take care of the adoptive horse or pony of your choice, under supervision of course, a maximum of four times a year and prior arrangements must be made.  You will also receive a colour photo of your pony/horse/donkey, an adoption certificate and a twice yearly update on how they
are progressing.


Scheme B


Is probably best for those who live too far away from the sanctuary and perhaps are unable to visit.  You will receive a colour photograph of the horse/pony/donkey of your choice, an adoption certificate and a twice-yearly update on their progress.


Scheme A costs a minimum donation of £24 per year

Scheme B costs a minimum donation of £10 per year






Image description

Robin is a Section A Welsh Pony who stands approx 11.2 h.h. He is a cheeky and cheerful little character and knows a trick or two

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Image description

This is Sally our Standard Shetland pony, she is very cute and goes on walks with the kids for fund-raising purposes

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Ffion Haf is a 12.2 h.h. Sec A x B Welsh Pony and is now 17 years old

She is used for pony rides at the childrens parties and has been at the sanctuary since she was 4 months old.

Sadly Ffion Haf has passed away in May 2014. She will be greatly missed

By adopting or sponsoring a pony you are helping to support their daily needs, which includes feed, footcare, veterinary ,worming programme,dentistry, and any equipment they may need, from headcollars to rugs .  Thank you for your support