Re-Homing our Horse and Ponies


The volunteers at H.A.C.K. are well known for their dedication towards the welfare of the horse, so by the time the horse is fit to go to a loan home a considerable amount of time, energy, and money has been invested in it. We ask loaners to pay a non-refundable re-homing fee when the horse is taken from The H.A.C.K. Horse Sanctuary of £500 horse- £150 -£250 pony , a requirement is that loaners should at all times have third party, public liability and vet fees insurance for the horse.

We believe that all horses are happier doing a job of work within their capabilities and some of our rescued cases are suitable for various riding disciplines and some are suitable only as companions. Our objective is to provide the equines with a useful and happy life. Our priority is to find the right home/person for each of our horses/ponies. The application procedure is as follows:


  • The first stage is to complete an application form. This allows us to make a preliminary assessment of applicants in trying to match them to one of our horses. Potential loaners under the age of 18 years will need to be guaranteed by an experienced parent or guardian.


  • When we feel that we may have a possible match, we talk to the applicant over the phone about the horse and its characteristics. If you are interested we arrange for you to visit the yard and have an assessment on your capabilities and experience on looking after and handling such. We will also assess your riding capabilities. There is a £25 fee payable on booking for your assessment. Until this fee is received your assessment cannot be confirmed. Should a suitable horse be found for you, this amount can be deducted from the loan fee.


  • The riding assessment is carried out on our school master and simply allows us to ascertain your level and style of riding. If all is well you will be introduced to the horses that we have in mind and see them being ridden. You will then be able to ride the horse deemed most suitable, in the outdoor. Please note if the application is for more than one rider then both riders must come in for assessment.


  •  We will let you know on the day if we think the horse is suitable and we can proceed to the next stage. If this is the case you can take as long as you need to decide to go ahead with the loan. You can try/work the horse as many times as you like  before making your decision.


  •  If we all decide to proceed with the loan arrangement we will contact your referees. If these are satisfactory we will arrange a field visit to the premises where the horse will be kept. The field visit is to ensure that the horse has a warm, safe environment with a suitable size stable if appropriate and adequate grazing with no barb wire fencing. We are not looking for perfection but good husbandry and common sense.


  • You will then sign a contract laying down the terms and conditions of the loan. This is devised to safeguard all concerned, primarily the welfare of the horse. The horse remains the property of the H.A.C.K. Horse Sanctuary


  • Once the contract has been exchanged and the re-homing fee received by the H.A.C.K. you can make the arrangements for transporting the horse. You will be responsible for the cost of transport and for all the costs of keeping the horse thereafter.


  • You and your new horse will be visited by a H.A.C.K. Field Officer within the first three months of the loan and thereafter six monthly.


  • H.A.C.K. is available at all times to assist you with your new horse. Any problems can be assessed and help is at hand from our trained staff.


  • In the event of the horse being returned for any reason, the H.A.C.K. requires at least one month’s notice and you will responsible for the cost of the return transport.


  • Please note that your initial assessment incurs a fee of £25 payable in advance to confirm your appointment.