The H.A.C.K. Horse Sanctuary was founded in March 1992 by Pamela Bluck and is a rescue, rehabilitation, and education centre covering the area's of Wrexham County, Flintshire, Denbighshire,  and Cheshire . It is well known through out the area for it's dedication to the welfare of the horse.


The Aim and object of the charity is to provide a safe haven for neglected, cruelly treated and distressed horses, ponies and donkey's and  all those necessitating rescue from unnecessary slaughter, and more recently abandoned horses.


To provide, food, shelter, and veterinary treatment and all that is required for the well being of the horse.


To bring back to a normal working life where possible and to re-home into carefully vetted knowledgable foster homes, who will treat the horse as their own and provide for his daily needs.  All those that are deemed unsuitable for re-homing for one reason or another will stay within the  safety of the sanctuary.


The sanctuary is run entirely by volunteers, and many have full/part time work  and families as well but they give their time for the welfare of the horse.  They also have to fund-raise and they work extremely hard  to raise the necessary funds to keep the stable yard running and because they are volunteers all the monies raised goes exactly to where it is needed, providing all the required facilities that the rescued and ill treaded horses desperaetly need.


For a small local charity we are very successful in our endevours and dedication to the welfare of the horse.


H.A.C.K. has  also given refuge and shelter to a whole host of other animals over the years.

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Pamela Bluck with  Holly Hodgkiss

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The very sad story of Teddy who was starved to death through lack of dental hygene

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 8 Stallions rescued from neglect and starvation.

Frances another rescued case

above - a cheeky rescued colt

Below.Lilly - now recovered

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