Control of Horses (Wales) Act 2014

The Act was introduced in Wales to make provisions for and in connection with the taking of action in relation to horses which are in Public Places without lawful permission or on any other land without consent.

The introduction of the Act was in response to the increasing problems of flygrazing, and other issues of the horses being on land on which no permission has been given.

The Act is Non-Statutory which means that although Local Authorities have been given all the powers they do not have to use them.

No other Organisation can use the powers contained within the Act.

The is no provision to institute criminal proceedings.

If there are Welfare Issues with animals they could be seized under the Welfare of Animals Act 2006

Sec 2 The Act gives Local Authorities (and no other organisation) the power to seize horses which are in Public premises, eg. Road, land, or buildings without permission. Also it gives the sane powers when horses are on private land without the occupier's permission if they consent to the Local Authority seizing and impounding the horses.


Sec 3 When the Local Authority has seized a horse they must within 24 hours place a seizure notice in a conspicuous position at or near where it was seized.

The notice must contain - Date and Time of Seizure - Contain details of the Local Authority

The local Authority must also within 24 hours of seizure of the horse give to a Police Constable and any person who appears to be the owner or somebody acting on his behalf

a copy of the written notice left at the place the horse was seized with the additional information relating to why the Local Authority beleives the person is the owner or person acting on his behalf.

If the owner or person acting on his behalf was not discovered within 24 hours but is identified within 7 days of the seizure a copy of the notice must be served on him.

Sec 4 The owner of the horse seized is liable to pay the Local Authority all resonable costs incurred by them relating to the seizure, removal, impounding and any other justifiable costs.  The Local Authority does not have to return the horse until the costs have been paid.

Sec 5 If after 7 days from placing the notice on or near to where the seizure of the horse occured  the owner or person acting on his behalf fail to contact the Local Authority, the Authority may sell or otherwise dispose of the horse including euthanasia.

Sec 7 If an owner disagrees with the amount of costs demanded by the Local Authority he can appeal to the Welsh Ministers.

Interpretation Horse - includes Pony, Donkey, Mule or any other Equine Animal

These notes are not a definitive explanation, to obtain such you would need to make reference to the Act or seek legal advice.

to make a complaint regarding issues to animals or property reffered to in the act contact your Local Authority Animal Health and Wefare unit.